Attention of a newborn. 3 matter with breast-feeding: gipolaktiya

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NewbornThis is an absolute or relative deficiency of milk production. A fact that the baby does not possess enough warm natural milk, says his restless behavior, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor weight gain or loss. Control of feeding may prove gipolaktiyu. Most ofttimes, a girl 18 years old is itself to blame for the shortage of natural milk.According to the observations of experts, gipolaktiya - one of the general reasons for not lactation. Meanwhile, to increase a volume of milk in nursing mums is quite real. You just enjoy to be patient and strictly follow a recommendation, which will give a medical man. Read more -->

Baby upkeep. However many kids porridge per day?

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BabyIt is important that infants have adequate capacity of cereal (rice) per time, respectively, the average forever consumption rates. Then, how this quantity will be distributed throughout the time, depending on the appetite of the child's tasting preferences (preferably varied).Baby 6 weeks - 150 grams porridge;Newborn 111 weeks - 180 g;Kids 9-12 months - 200 g;For children 12 months and older - 200-300 g of porridge.After a year you can give a newborn cereal 1-2 times daily. Ever influential middle ground: how would the kid or loved cereal, crackers and fresh bread, feed it to these items, at least, is wrong.A presence of a great number of grain regimen promotes a intake of excess carbohydrates baby, which can get effects on the body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Child. Same articles:Attention of a newborn. NutrientsChildDining pregnant. Fresh-feeding. Read more -->

How to bathe?

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ChildAdd to the broth to a bath. The temperature of a bath shall be no more than 37 * C, but perfect - 35-36 * C.Duration of h2o treatments want be 10-15 minutes. Beginning with 5 min of swimming and gradually increase the time. Size once a month beginning a 7 days-long crash in herbal bathing. Excessive apply of herbal baths is not: to apply 2-3 times a 7 days.Make sure that the child does not swallow a aqua.Do not rinse later baby herbal bath with clean h2o, do not wash out it with soap or other means for swimming - so the healing effect of the procedure finish longer.To apply a diaper wipe, you do not mind dirty: a decoction of certain herbs is quite darkness and may leave stains on a fabric. Remove excess moisture with your skin baby soft "blotted" movements.  Resembling Newborn care.articles:Child care. Read more -->

Child service. Vitamin nutritional feeding

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BabyInclusion in a diet of more fruits and raw vegetables will ensure receipt of all indispensable vitamins. Particularly important for the growth and building of a child vitamins D. Try to eat more crab, eggs, dairy products, to vorganizm reported it enough. Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc improve the absorption of calcium and are an influential addition to a regimen nursing mother, as Needless to forget about the whole grains (particularly bran and seeds) and leafy fresh vegetables (such as lettuce and spinach).  Child care. Alike Mums.articles:Baby upkeep. Juices for kidsBabyMoms. Read more -->

Newborn. Pose "embryo"

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ChildScarce yet remembers how he felt secure in my mum's belly. That is why this situation is very like him.With one mitt, grasp the feet and palms newborn, a other - keep a head and tilt it to his chest. Today slowly rock it. If a newborn is naughty, do this exercise with him. It quickly calm the cry-baby.  Photo 3 Feet  Service of a newborn. Alike Attention of a newborn.articles:Child care. Read more -->

Service of a baby. FAQ for porridge for children

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NewbornBuckwheat, rye, millet, buckwheat, oats, rice, corn, buckwheat. What cereals are most useful, and so to prepare one delicious and mouth-watering porridge for the babies?Cereal products play an important role in human nutrition - they are the main sources of carbohydrates (mainly starch and dietary fibers), veg proteins, vitamins, some minerals. Cereal products supply around 30% of a energy required for nice babies, around 40% - for babies of preschool age and about the size of 50% - for students (according to the Scientific Center for Kids's Health).According to a modern concepts of "food pyramid" (Rec. WHO), more than 1/2 a weekly food should be grains: cereals, fresh bread and pasta, cereal (muesli).In Russia porridge - one of a most pop dishes. "Cabbage bisque and porridge - our fresh food," - liked to repeat a wise grandma. This saying we should not forget presently: right-cooked porridge - one of the healthiest dishes which are equally comfortably suited to both babies and adults. Read more -->

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