Newborn care. Formula courage to nursing

ChildTo speedily restore vitality properly to pick up 3 times a day (preferably earlier a meal) 1 teaspoon A mix of four components: 300 grams of honey, grapefruit breeding juice 4, 500 g walnuts (pre-crushed chalk) and 100 g of aloe juice (if you will "extract" the nectar from the leaves of plants to your home, use a fleshy lower leaves, wash, dry and one day in the refrigerator), all fine. If you are afraid of allergies, nuts, remove and substitute a natural honey fructose.Vitamins for nursingMeal feeding girl: VitaminMeal after childbirth: VitaminsVitamins: a regimen of lactating   Resembling posts:Child 50 weeksNewbornMums. Rickets in infantsChildHair loss after giving birthNewborn. . . . Read more -->

Baby. Drink from a bag may be given of the three years?

NewbornMyth Now, manufacturers propose a variety of juices. The fact that the item is suitable for little kids, you write on a package. These juices are made in any shops where every stage of production is fine tested. Specialists, together with doctors select the most helpful and tasty fruit or veggie, apples and berry mix.  Alike posts:Child development at 11 monthsChildService of a newborn. Dining pregnant. Fresh-feeding. Read more -->

Moms. Diet food allergy

BabyThe most common type of allergy - diet food, that is intolerant of a items. Unfortunately, almost the item may provoke an averse reaction.According to the ability to cause averse foods are divided into 3 groups: high, medium and lower risk. To list all a "dangerous" foods do no sense at all of each child individually, including a potential causes for a negative reaction. So, the basic advice to moms and dads faced with a food allergy in your baby, is this: Be wary of any item that your newborn is trying for the first time!Mothers to children with allergies need to pick up into consideration the fact that apart with the usual allergies there are more than unpleasant its baby - cross allergy. However, intolerance to cow's milk may cause allergies for sour serum, cheese, fluid, natural butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of the most efficacious ways to treat allergies is food.Mom grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's natural milk proteins child must comply nizkoallergennuyu a particular diet for a entire period of breast-feeding. Read more -->

Baby. However a lot of babies porridge every day?

BabyIt is momentous that children have adequate volume of cereal (oatmeal) per time, respectively, the average part of a carefully consumption rates. Then, so this volume will be distributed throughout the day, depending on a appetite of a newborn's taste preferences (preferably various).Child 6 weeks - 150 grams porridge;Baby 41 weeks - 180 g;Kids 9-12 weeks - 200 g;For kids 12 months and older - 200-300 g of porridge.Following a year you can give your child cereal 1-2 minutes per day. Ever important middle ground: so would the kid or loved cereal, crackers and fresh bread, feed it to these products, at least, is improperly.The presence of a great number of grain regime promotes the intake of excess carbohydrates child, which can enjoy effects on a body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Maintenance of a baby. Alike Baby upkeep.articles:Bathing a childChildMoms. Night-feedingChildThin hair loss after giving birthChild. . Read more -->

Baby. Massage Brush

NewbornKnead each finger, bends a thumb outwards, knead mound thumb repeatedly draw a circle on a palm. Shake brushing, spend it on the surface, tapping the brushing on various surfaces.If you are unable to create the whole massotherapy at once, do not worry! Start with the individual parts of a aging body. 1st, massotherapy those who love the kid - usually a legs and buttocks. So, following a some times, begin to massage a areas that are not very pleasant newborn (back, natural, tummy).Do not particularly same babies massotherapy pens. But production it extremely serious, however is normally a tone knobs more, and to 2 months pipsqueak should yet pull in her mouth cam embedded in the handle to hold a fun. These are all steps of construction and a need to go on time.Extremely gradually, but every time to teach a newborn to a massotherapy. Read more -->

Mums. Kashi without preparation

ChildAlmost all a "porridge without cooking" are guaranteed big-property and balanced composition. Besides these cereals claim minimal preparation time. In this case we speak of those cereals that are specially designed for newborn meal. Well-known manufacturers propose cereal is not just for every woman, but for infants with a variety of features of soundness (for example, allergies or problems with a gastrointestinal tract).Kashi in the configuration of flakes without the addition of saline, vitamins, cane sugar, natural milk powderise, synthetic preservatives, flavorings and colorings are often sold in the departments not baby fresh food and dietary. But they are quite suitable for feeding attractive kids, you have not to make, and It is possible to pour stewing water or cook in a microwave oven.After 1.5-2 years old, It is possible to use a "tightly" porridge without additives, which are brewed rightly in the bag, such as buckwheat, rice or rice. Absolutely not suitable for newborn diet food (this applies to children up to 3 years, and when it comes to allergy sufferers - and older!) Flavored porridge without cooking bags (as-called "strongly"). Read more -->

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