Child. Weight gain or underweight

NewbornThe third stepRegular checking of a newborn weight is required alone in a case. If you yet believe in insufficient quantity of their natural milk. But do not harass a special weighing a baby, the benefits it will bring: you are nervous, dramatically reduced a capacity of milk.Weigh the baby regularly - every month or every two months. If the gravity of a newborn causes you anxiety, weigh it weekly (but not any time!). All data is entered in a separate plate: a horizontal line involve your months of his life, start with the 30 days of birthday, in the vertical - a child's weight in g (for example, weight baby at birthday 3700 g - is a starting point of a chart).A healthy baby should gain mass from one-0.5 to one kg per 30 days or a minimum of 125 g per week. Kids breastfed exclusively breastfed in the first weeks may gain weight more quickly. Read more -->

Baby maintenance. 3 issue with breastfeeding: gipolaktiya

BabyThis is an absolute or relative deficiency of natural milk production. A fact that a baby does not enjoy enough fresh milk, says his restless behavior, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor mass gain or loss. Control of feeding may prove gipolaktiyu. Most frequently, a woman is itself to blame for the shortage of milk.According to the observations of experts, gipolaktiya - one of a general causes for not breastfeeding. Meanwhile, to increase a quantity of milk in nursing mums is quite real. You just keep to be patient and strictly follow a recommendation, which will give the medic. Read more -->

Weight gain or underweight

ChildThe third stepSystemic checking of the baby gravity is required alone in a case. If you yet believe in insufficient quantity of a natural milk. But do not harass a daily weighing the child, a benefits it will bring: you are nervous, dramatically decreased the amount of milk.Weigh the newborn regularly - any 30 days or every 2 months. If a weight of the child causes you anxiety, weigh it weekly (but not every time!). All data is entered in a separate plate: a horizontal line incorporate a weeks of his life, beginning with a 30 days of birth, in the vertical - the baby's weight in grams (for example, gravity newborn at birthday 3700 g - is the starting point of the chart).A healthy baby need gain weight with one-half to one kg per 30 days or a minimum of 125 grams per 7 days. Babies breastfed exclusively breastfed in the 1st weeks may gain mass more speedily. Read more -->

Newborn leaving. Terms of feeding a child

BabyBy collecting information about complementary feeding a newborn, you probably noticed: definitive opinions and reference do not exist. Pediatricians and nutritionists suggest you to start to enter solid foods at four weeks, so at 6. These age on jars of child diet food in general leads to confusion mums.How, all this should not confuse you. First, in approximately countries where the produce mashed potatoes and cereals, other rules introducing products. Second, you are designed for babies bottle-which relies input a new fresh food before babies. Today, most experts adhere to the following scheme of feeding.Feeding schemeLure of 6 weeks to start with a cereal or veg puree. Read more -->

Child. Food allergy

ChildThe most common type of allergy - food, that is intolerant of any items. Unfortunately, almost a product may provoke an allergic reaction.According to a ability to cause allergic foods are divided into three groups: big, medium and deep risk. To list all the "dangerous" foods does no sense at all of each newborn individually, including a possible reasons for a negative reaction. Why, a main council to moms and dads faced with a fresh food allergy in the child, is this: Be wary of the product that the baby is trying for the 1st time!Mothers to kids with allergies request to take into consideration a fact that apart with a usual allergies there are more than unpleasant its kind - cross allergy. However, intolerance to cow's milk may cause allergies for sour cream, curds, serum, cow butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of the most efficacious ways to treat allergies is dietary.Mother grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's milk proteins child want comply nizkoallergennuyu a special food for a entire period of lactation. Read more -->

Newborn. Vitamin nutritional feeding

BabyInclusion in the food of more fruits and vegetables will ensure receipt of all indispensable vitamin. Particularly important for a growth and growth of a baby vitamin D. Strive to eat more crab, egg, dairy products, to vorganizm reported it enough. Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc improve the absorption of calcium and are an important addition to a ration nursing mother, how Needless to forget approximately the whole grains (especially bran and seeds) and leafy raw vegetables (like lettuce and spinach).  Baby. Same Child service.articles:Maintenance of a child. Vaccination: Pros and Cons. Read more -->

Care of a baby. Frequent feedings help to improve lactation

NewbornFeed your baby in close contact. Touch every other facial skin, see a baby's eyes. The tenderness and love that you possess for the child will help you to restore a rightly amount of milk. Put a child to a breast however frequently however possible - because want creates supply!Monitor for proper child takes the breast. Keep it up as that it touches the chest chin. A lower lip child should be slightly twisted outward and over the top - see part of a areola.  Attention of a child. Read more -->

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