Baby leaving. Fresh food allergy

BabyA most common type of allergy - food, that is intolerant of the items. Unluckily, almost the product can provoke an allergic reaction.According to a ability to cause allergic foods are divided into 3 groups: high, medium and poor risk. To list all a "dangerous" foods makes no sense at all of each child individually, including the potential reasons for a negative reaction. So, a general council to parents faced with a diet food allergy in the newborn, is this: Be wary of the item that your baby is trying for the 1-st time!Moms to children with allergies demand to pick up into consideration a fact that apart with the usual allergies there are more than unpleasant its kind - cross allergy. As, intolerance to cow's milk can cause allergies for sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of a most active ways to treat allergies is dietary.Mom grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's milk proteins newborn should comply nizkoallergennuyu a limited regimen for the entire period of breastfeeding. Read more -->

Newborn. Disclaimer of breasts?

BabyWhat if the baby refuses the natural - the source of his joy?Nobody needs to be convinced to apply, convenience and mutual pleasure (and for mom and baby) fresh-feeding. But however a establishment of lactation (milk production) are occasionally problems. One of a most frustrating is a fact that a baby at times withdraws with his chest. If a kid pushes a mom's breast, so unwell either him or his nursing mother.  Child leaving. Like Child service.articles:Maintenance of a child. Young parentsNewbornChild service. Read more -->

Upkeep of a newborn. Lure with lactose intolerance

NewbornA newborn with lactose intolerance menu to be more careful.Do not buy ready-made natural milk porridge. Make them at home or on a lower-lactose free mixing.Look at a structure at the items that you are giving the newborn. They need not be serum, casein gidrolaktozy.Enter more dairy products in the ration of a newborn. It will set up digestion and provide him with a great feeling.  Mums. Similar posts:Care of a baby. Newborn Development 7 weeksChildLeaving of a baby. Read more -->

Upkeep of a newborn. So many infants porridge per day?

NewbornIt is important that kids have adequate amount of cereal (rice) per day, respectively, the average part of a carefully consumption rates. So, however this capacity will be distributed throughout the time, depending on a appetite of a baby's tasting preferences (preferably different).Child 6 weeks - 150 grams porridge;Newborn 10 weeks - 180 g;Babies 9-12 weeks - 200 g;For babies 12 weeks and older - 200-300 grams of porridge.Later a year you can give the newborn cereal 1-2 times a day. Ever significant middle ground: how would your kid or loved cereal, crackers and fresh bread, feed it to these items, at least, is wrong.A presence of a great number of grain dietary promotes the intake of excess carbohydrates child, which can get effects on the aging body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Similar posts:Moms. Juices for kidsBabyMothers. LactationNewbornNewborn. Massage infantChild. Read more -->

Baby. Massotherapy Brushing

ChildKnead each finger, bends a thumb outwards, knead mound thumb repeatedly draw a circle on a palm. Shake brushing, spend it on a surface, tapping a brush on different surfaces.If you are unable to create the whole massotherapy at once, do not worry! Start with a individual parts of a aging body. First, massage those who love a kid - normally a legs and buttocks. So, after a few hours, begin to massotherapy a areas that are not very pleasant child (back, natural, tummy).Do not particularly similar kids massage pens. But production it extremely serious, as is normally the tone knobs more, and to two weeks pipsqueak should along pull in her mouth cam embedded in the handle to hold a toy. These are all steps of development and their demand to go on time.Very gradually, but any time to teach a newborn to a massage. Read more -->

Moms. Coordination of movements

NewbornThe chief objective of the second trimester of extrauterine your - learn to coordinate the movement of a skin eyes and hands. How be careful for what you said ophthalmologist upon a routine visit to a clinic. At a extremely least, do not consider visiting an ophthalmologist is not anything serious that It is possible to put off 'later'.If a newborn will be identified visual impairment, be sure to ask not alone what to do to correct, but as well as to deal with a newborn to visual defects do not affect a overall mental development. If a doctors at a clinic will not be able to help you, ask the local Early Learning Center for Especial Education or to avoid future diagnosis of "mental retardation"...  Similar Baby attention.articles:Baby. Newborn 53 weeksBabyAttention of a newborn. Diet food allergies in babiesBabyLeaving of a child. Read more -->

Baby leaving. All out!

BabyMost infants with one - two minutes take a sling, but there are stubborn, who spend much time at my mom's hand and refuse to lie down in a sling. As dear infants should time to get used to the new. To have their hand free, mom will take some time. First, hold a newborn, and sling snapped over (well, if that would do assistant, smoothing and adjusting a sling).Gradually tighten a sling tighter, and approximately carry the mass of the child on it, leaving approximately of the weight on the hands. Then a hands can be kept outside the sling, and finally, when a newborn has used, remove your hand at all. Schooling for such children will pick up some a 7 days. Read more -->

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