Attention of a newborn. 3 matter with breast-feeding: gipolaktiya

NewbornThis is an absolute or relative deficiency of milk production. A fact that the baby does not possess enough warm natural milk, says his restless behavior, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor weight gain or loss. Control of feeding may prove gipolaktiyu. Most ofttimes, a girl 18 years old is itself to blame for the shortage of natural milk.According to the observations of experts, gipolaktiya - one of the general reasons for not lactation. Meanwhile, to increase a volume of milk in nursing mums is quite real. You just enjoy to be patient and strictly follow a recommendation, which will give a medical man. He normally assigns herbal, increase lactation, picks up a feeding diet that says when and as to express natural milk residue and however on."Action Outline" is made individually, based on the amount of milk a woman 18 years old, a baby's age, household conditions. If you strictly follow a plan, a volume of milk significantly increased. There are even curious cases: a girl 18 years old's natural milk is as much that we keep to put measures to reduce its quantity. It ofttimes happens that gipolaktiya is imaginary, then there is a lack of natural milk was alone a consequence of lactostasis, improper approach of feeding or pumping natural milk, etc.It ofttimes happens that a baby of a mixed feeding, refuses to take a fresh. At the present time there are various devices, "accustom" the baby to the natural. Moreover, there are clever ways to "fight" a stubborn, who will recommend a medical man, find out a details. There are also special "drinking spout" for kids in assorted feeding, which prevents rejection of a natural, and for kids who have not a sucking reflex.So there is practically no hopeless situations. As they say, it would wish. Of course, the problems associated with breastfeeding - the sea, in the sea may easily drown if swim alone. Try a best to prepare for breastfeeding, and if you are having the difficulties, do not immediately put away the baby from the warm for natural milk to fight hard. After all, natural milk - this is the best that may give your baby mama. In addition, it contains all the indispensable baby vitamins, minerals, fats, thanks to a newborn breast milk increases immunity, and he rarely gets sick.Typical errors lactating gerls:Despite a apparent lack of natural milk fed in one feeding with one fresh alone;Incorrectly used a child to the warm, resulting in formation of cracks on a nipples, which further complicates the fresh;Despite all a recommendations, adhere to a strict regimen of feeding, not following a child's wishes;Make the night breaks, give the newborn a drink to sustain a interval, even at night produced the highest volume of hormones, and therefore milk and night feeding is indispensable if the baby wants;Do not express natural milk;Violate a regimen - there must be frequent, little meals;Violate drinking regime - if you enjoy thirst, you have to drink as much as you should. In general, natural-feeding mother should drink no more than 1.5-TWO liters of fluid every day. More fluid inhibits lactation.  Moms. Alike articles:Newborn Evolution 7 monthsBabyIncrease lactationBabyChild MassotherapyChild.

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