Care of a child. Lure: to enter or not to enter?

NewbornFor most moms and dads, a 1-st year of a child's life - this time, alarms, worries and sleepless nights. And perhaps no issue is causing however much doubt and controversy as baby fresh food. While pipsqueak happily sipping Maine Milk and gaining weightiness normally, everything seems to be clear and there is no problem. But a man grows, takes two to three months, and her mom are start to hint at a want for the introduction of complementary foods. This is where it all begins...It would seem that complicated? Buy with a retailer and a jar of baby diet food to feed the beloved newborn. And let me know what you need feed? As much to feed? How and when to nourish? You tight believe that a good understanding in this problem? In vain! Pediatricians still may not even agree on what must be called a basic lure, not to mention a time and manner of its introduction. One thing is clear: lure is indispensable because a growing supplies a body with all the indispensable and essence for your and is an intermediate step on the technique infants have older.And then beginning to misunderstandings. European pediatricians consider lure only solid food, which is fed with a spoon. But Russian experts are not without reason attributed to a lure and fluid products: milk and natural milk. According to this upodhodu, lure - it is self-catering, which is gradually replaced by lactation. Thus, a lure is unlike any other fresh food supplements (food supplements, dietary appointed in ordering, pediatricians are called strawberries, cheese, boiled egg, oil and the butter) and corrective mixtures that a baby receives in addition to my mom's milk.  Child. Resembling posts:Poses for breastfeedingNewbornChild upkeep. Dining nursing motherNewbornChild. Rickets and Vitamin DChild.

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