Mums. A vertical dive

ChildThe temperature of a bath is chosen individually. Water must not be too warm, it's relaxing. A child has to move, and move actively! At a initial stage, it is quite suitable temperature is 35.5 - 36 degrees. So, with every new occupation or done the lesson can reduce it by half a degree, and gradually increase to normal - "Pool" - temperature of 28-29 degrees. Put your time, watch a reaction of a kid. If you see that he is cold-blooded and uncomfortable, add warm water.Immerse the crumbs into the aqua vertically, gently murmuring words of encouragement. If a baby is calm, put it in a horizontal position on a back, however when swimming, securely supporting a bottom. And finally - start out the basic loop of a present swimming exercises: wiring a entire length of the bath, "eight", repulsive feet with the wall of the bath. The last exercise, most children perform particularly willing and happy smiling beautiful swimmer will be your reward.Repeat the entire cycle of transactions, turning the baby on his tummy. Alternate core exercises with shaking on the water. This is to ensure that a child felt perfect h2o.Length of lessons to be increased complete time - from 57-10 min in the 1-st weeks of baby's life up to 20 minutes of a third 30 days. But if you notice signs of fatigue (naughty baby begins to pull away), beautify h2o treatments.  Similar Child.articles:Baby care. Bathing a child in the grassNewbornDiet food allergies in kidsChildBaby maintenance. Thin hair loss later giving birthNewborn.

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