Newborn leaving. Terms of feeding a child

BabyBy collecting information about complementary feeding a newborn, you probably noticed: definitive opinions and reference do not exist. Pediatricians and nutritionists suggest you to start to enter solid foods at four weeks, so at 6. These age on jars of child diet food in general leads to confusion mums.How, all this should not confuse you. First, in approximately countries where the produce mashed potatoes and cereals, other rules introducing products. Second, you are designed for babies bottle-which relies input a new fresh food before babies. Today, most experts adhere to the following scheme of feeding.Feeding schemeLure of 6 weeks to start with a cereal or veg puree. Corn, rice or buckwheat pre Peremel in a coffee grinder and make on the water (even if a consistency is liquidity) or use a similar porridge industrial production.As for fresh vegetables, for the 1-st time will suit boiled zucchini, cauliflower or potatoes. Crush them with a blender and get a child. Portion of 100-150g is optimum.Lure children 7 months to prepare a small gourmet mashed several yet familiar to him fresh vegetables and cook a broth by adding vegetable oil and chicken egg (? Teaspoon of no more than twice a week).Lure child of 38 months it's time to find out what the dessert. Plum puree of medium apples, pears, peaches are ideal for the newborn. Mix up them with cereal or propose however a separate dish. But remember: if this kid to eat 70 grams of raw vegetables, a fruits do not let more than '50Moreover, it is time to strive yoghurt (full portion - 100 ml) and curd (50 grams per time). Make them yourself, using sourdough - you are great at work. But a careful diet food is also lovely. Just do not forget that a beneficial bacteria live from 5 to 14 times. If a package indicates that a product may be stored longer, so there is no probiotic cultures.Lure a newborn 9 weeks Have to a meat. Beef, rabbit, turkey - this is healthy and delicious! Make a fresh meat, then mash it in a meat grinder or using a blender. Newborn canned will also work. The first time, give half a teaspoon of meat with vegetables. Gradually bring the number up to 3-4 teaspoons daily.Just do not hold the newborn in fresh meat broth soups - a small stomach may not afford to digest a complicated dish.Lure a baby 10 weeks Meat in a baby's menu now should be the time. How, nutritionists consult and arrange a "discharge" day by replacing fresh meat with fish. Select lean (hake, cod, sea bass). Do not forget that the first portion of a new item - a 0.5-tsp. Full - 50g.At this age, the child may along propose broth. But 1st check his reaction to bright vegetables - beets and carrots. Strive as well enter the pumpkin, berry puree, yoghurt, newborn biscuits.Lure a baby 11 months Soups perfectly complement the recent greens (perfect if you start to grow dill and parsley on a window, not to doubt the environmental friendliness). Borscht with sour cream will taste better. Fresh bread with butter, too, like a little gourmet. Feel free to cook for him semolina, barley, barley, oats and millet porridge - they will certainly come to his liking.Lure a child 12 months Menu kid had along expanded enough. Surely he developed and loved dishes. For example, red apple and celery or steam meatballs. At the present time it would be goodness to introduce juice (cook it yourself, and at first diluted with h2o 1:1) and milk (specifically for kids).  Resembling posts:Child upkeep. Problems with breast-feedingChildMothers. Breast-feedingBabyMoms. Massotherapy for infantsChild.

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