Child. Food allergy

ChildThe most common type of allergy - food, that is intolerant of any items. Unfortunately, almost a product may provoke an allergic reaction.According to a ability to cause allergic foods are divided into three groups: big, medium and deep risk. To list all the "dangerous" foods does no sense at all of each newborn individually, including a possible reasons for a negative reaction. Why, a main council to moms and dads faced with a fresh food allergy in the child, is this: Be wary of the product that the baby is trying for the 1st time!Mothers to kids with allergies request to take into consideration a fact that apart with a usual allergies there are more than unpleasant its kind - cross allergy. However, intolerance to cow's milk may cause allergies for sour cream, curds, serum, cow butter, beef, sausages, sausages. One of the most efficacious ways to treat allergies is dietary.Mother grudnichka in case of intolerance to cow's milk proteins child want comply nizkoallergennuyu a special food for a entire period of lactation. Bottle-when a food allergy mixing of cow's milk substitute adapted fermented natural milk or soy formula, formula to goat's natural milk, how good however fully or partially hydrolyzed (with a breakdown of proteins).Upon breast-feeding mum is not recommended to use products with a big degree of risk of averse reactions. Slowly and much closely should eat fruits and fresh vegetables in red (red apples, bell peppers, tomatoes). It is healthy to increase a amount in a dietary of cereals, meat and fresh fish, dairy products. If the baby showed signs of allergies, you need to double-check the food.  Child. Same articles:Natural MilkBabyBaby. Plum nursing momsNewbornService of a child. Vitamin for childrenChild.

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