Newborn. Massage to increase milk

ChildMassage the breasts for 2-3 min, using castor butter. Liberally grease a palm of them. Then, put a left mitt under the chest and a rightly - on the chest. At the same time do the mitt movements clockwise, gently rubbing butter. Touch must be light not to cause discomfort, and oil must not fall on a nipple and areola.Correctly, if you are an experienced massage therapist will massage a back of the thoracic spine. Just do not forget to warn him that you are a nursing mother - because currently you enjoy to avoid strong impact on the muscles of a chest.  Care of a baby. Alike Child upkeep.articles:Newborn. Bottle-newborn. Feeding a mixing ofBabyNewborn. Artificial feeding. MixturesBabyNewborn. Fall hair following childbirthNewborn.

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